What They Say

“I would like to say how useful I am finding the copy of Stock Index. In just a few days I have found libraries I have never discovered before and purchased pictures from them. In fact I am already so attached to it I would really appreciate a second copy for our studio. It really is an essential resource for any design agency.
Rachel Fletcher – RF Design (UK) Limited

“We were really delighted with the response last year – you’re obviously going to the right people.
Emma Rowen – Alvey and Towers

“We definitely want to be in again for this year as it’s the book for us. I think Stock Index is great and with the website and all the peripherals that you offer at this price, it completely blows something like the Creative Handbook out of the water. You have definitely ‘future proofed’ yourselves with what you offer online.“
Austin Brown – The Aviation Picture Library

“Over 95% of referrals come from your book. The amount of people we’ve had that have come via your website has been incredible - I don’t know who you’re reaching but they are definitely the right people.”
Stewart Kendall – All Star Picture Library

“It just gets better and better.”
Sal Shuel – Collections

“We get between 3 - 4 responses at least a week from Stock Index and I must say it’s the strongest advertising we do.
David Kimber – The Car Photo Library

“I have to say we get almost all of our new clients from Stock Index – the response has been really good this year.”
Barbara Lewis – Library Manager, Arcblue

“…we really are pleased with the Stock Index Images and have had a lot of replies and your website is very good, so we definitely want to be in again this time…”
Isobel Sinden – E&E Picture Library

“…yes we’ll go in again. We don’t go in the Creative Handbook any more, and we get a good response from Stock Index, so we’ll stick with it – definitely book us in.
Jean Hosking – FLPA