Unique Features


Our Website - Stock Footage - is currently reaching over 53,000 unique visitors per month.

The Meta Data Search The latest in new technology enables a direct link to your web site ensuring any search made by our visitors will immediately bring up your images for them to purchase.

FULL page on website, search capability via over 200 categories.

FREE 3mb web space on which you can place your encrypted showreel.

FREE hotlinks to your website.

FREE exclusive alert to current requests from leading stock footage researchers via Email Request Service


Highly targeted, no-waste mailing to over 8,000 named individuals in the UK, Europe and the USA.

Focused distribution to vital sectors of the broadcast, film, video and internet communities.

Superb quality printing on top quality paper, perfect bound with stiff cover.

FREE production work covering design, typesetting, colour separations of the scans supplied, preparation of digital file for reproduction.

Digital Edition

The complete content of Stock Footage Index is turned into a digital edition and emailed to our database of 25,000 buyers of stock footage.